Online Female Quran Teacher For Kids & Female Students

Importance of Quran for Female.

In Islam, it is essential for both men and women to seek the knowledge of the Quran. Every Muslim must understand the teachings of the Quran.  But for learning the Quran, having a qualified teacher is very important. Female students prefer female teachers for learning the Quran due to religious reasons. But many of them face many problems in accessing qualified female teachers.


24/7 Female Teacher

At E Quranic Academy , we will provide female Quran teacher for our sisters and daughters. We have a team of expert teachers. You can learn correct pronunciation and the meaning and interpretation of the Quran. They are available 24/7 to guide you how to apply Quranic teachings in daily life.

Learning the Quran is very important, especially for young girls and women. They educate the new generation. A teacher will not only educate you about the Quran but she will also build your character. We hire qualified female Quran teachers who are the practicing Muslims too. So they serve as a role model for students. They help them in their character building and also forming a deep connection with Allah.

Female Teachers for Female Students

We offer a very comfortable learning environment to our female students. Our online Quran female teacher allows students to learn from the basic to the advanced courses. Females can easily discuss sensitive religious matters with them. They can ask questions to solve their confusions and get guidance. The students can also collaborate with the teachers and give their feedback too.

Female Teachers of Kids

Children are usually comfortable with females. So, we hire female teachers for children too. A child of 4 years old can enroll in the basic course. Our teachers are very kind and polite. They teach with care and love so that students develop interest in their lessons. Our teachers are very experienced and they know how to deal with every child.

They also understand that the learning speed is different for every child. So, they don’t force children for learning fast. Instead, they follow the pace of children. In this way children also feel comfortable and easy. The teachers make interactive lessons which are very beneficial for the students. This method promotes active engagement and students do not feel bored.

Multilingual Teachers

Muslims belong to different cultures and nations. So they speak different languages. We offer our teaching services to worldwide Muslims. So, our teachers are also multilingual. They can easily speak English and Urdu and even Arabic.

So, they can teach worldwide female students. We hire teachers from all over the world too. You will not face problem in communication. They are also aware of different cultures.  So, join us and start learning with our online Quran teacher female.

One-to-one Learning

We offer one-to-one learning facility to our students. This is the best type of learning that you can have. Our one-to-one learning will help you get the deep learning of your course. It is the type of learning in which a teacher teaches one student at a time. They teach according to the individual needs of students.

Our online Quran female teacher understands the abilities of each student and then teaches according to them. We believe that this method of learning leads to better learning. Students also get maximum attention of the teacher and stay active. Students can communicate openly with the teachers and their communication skills also improve.

Hire a Teacher and learn at your own Time

Reduce your stress by hiring a quran teacher with us. You don’t have to follow the time of any teacher. Instead you can choose the time of your own choice. Our teachers are available round the clock thus giving you freedom to hire at any time. We don’t have any specific schedule of classes.

You will tell us your schedule and we will provide you the female teacher. You can easily balance your life with your responsibilities in this way. We teach with the help of technology and everyone has technology. So everyone can take our classes.

Teacher For All Courses

We have female teachers for all the courses. If you want to hire a teacher for your children, we have teachers for Qaida and tajweed. We have hafiz teachers too. If you want to memorize the Quran at home, we will help you do so efficiently.

We will help you study Quran translation and Tafseer courses. We have alima teachers too. You can study Tafseer with them. Hence, our teachers are available to you for all the courses you want. So, contact us today and start learning today.

The Quran is in Arabic and non-Arabs cannot understand it. So, they need proper interpretation and explanation to understand the book of Allah. We also offer Quran tafseer classes online. Our classes are reliable and helpful and help students understand the meanings and context of the Quranic verses. We will help you understand the message that Allah so that you can apply them in all aspects of your lives. Not an ordinary person can teach tafseer.

We have scholar teachers for our Tafseer classes who have a strong command on the Islamic history and context. We will teach you the historical context of the revelation of the Quranic verses. You will understand Islamic events and what type of challenges our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) face. Enroll in the tafseer classes to learn more about our classes.

Online Quran Classes For Kids

Muslim kids can now learn the Quran with us with the comfort of their homes. The parents do not need to send their children outside to any madrassa and commute several kilometers. Kids can take Quran classes at home with our online tutor. We offer online Quran classes for beginners. Qaida and Tajweed courses are good for children.

So, enroll your kids to our classes today and make your children learn the Quran the best. Our classes allow parental involvement. You can check your child’s progress and better understand what your child is learning with us. You will not face any safety issues that kids may face in physical classrooms.

Islamic classes for kids

We also offer Islamic classes for kids in which they learn about the basics of Islam including stories of Islam. They learn about Allah, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), Islamic culture, basic Arabic and more.

The basic information is very important for children to learn. So, if you want your children to learn about their religion, enroll in our Islamic classes. The classes are very interactive and unique. So, enroll your kids today and start learning with us.

We offer Cost-Effective Classes

We offer the best online Quran classes because the classes are cost effective. Cost is no more a problem for students. Our classes are more affordable than traditional madrassa classes because you do not need to travel to anywhere.

We are changing the landscape of traditional Quran learning with our innovative methods. You can also enjoy more savings with family package that we offer. With more than 2 family members enrolling in our classes, we offer more discounts. So, enroll with us and enjoy cost-effective classes.


Exciting news for Muslim parents! E-Quranic Academy offers engaging Quranic education for kids & Adults.

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Finding the Right Online Quran Classes


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Online classes offer flexibility, convenience and the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable female teachers from the comfort of your home.

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