Islamic Studies Online For Kids Course

Islamic studies for kids

A lot of Muslim live in non-Muslim countries but they face many issues in finding Quran teachers. Islamic education is very important to everyone and all parents want Islamic studies for kids. We all want to make our children the practicing Muslim. Formal education does not align with Islamic principles. So, it is very important for everyone to give proper Islamic education to children.


learn Islamic classes from home

Muslim parents in non-Muslim countries feel very worried about their children. They want a strong Islamic foundation for their kids but it is not always easy. The absence of accessible Islamic centers makes it nearly impossible to get Islamic education. This is where E Quranic Academy steps in to provide proper guidance and support.

We recognize these problems of our Muslim brother and sister. So, we offer a very efficient method of learning Islam. Our Islamic classes for kids are very useful and we offer them online. The benefit of these online classes is that anyone can book classes for their children from where. We will help your children understand Islam with the comfort of their homes.

What Do We Teach?

Our Islamic studies online lessons are very useful.  At a young age, we start teaching Islamic lessons to our children. This is because then children develop their Islamic mindset. They must know their basic beliefs and learn about Islamic practices. Parents in non Muslim countries need Islamic identity for their children. So they want to teach children from a young age. We teach religious faith and Islamic practices to them.

Moreover, this course focuses on teaching moral values and ethics that include honesty, kindness, and humanity. All these moral values are very important and we will teach these values to your children. Our Islamic studies classes will shape the character of children. We will also help children understand their culture and religion along with the history.

When children are at a young age, they should start Islamic education. Just like you enroll them in the preschools, you should also enroll them in online Islamic classes with us. We will give them the basic concepts of oneness of God, namaz  (Salat), and help them memorize short surahs. Your children do not need to leave home or go to a mosque. They can sit at their homes and take classes with us. We teach:

Basic Quran lessons for Kids: 

The children learn about Quranic stories and teachings in a simple way. They also learn the basic Quran verses and also recite them. With this type of teaching, we try to develop a love for the Quran in children

Hadith learning for Kids

 Our online Islamic studies course includes hadith for children. We teach our students about sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This Islamic studies course that we teach to our children is related to moral and ethical values. The children learn about hadith according to their age and understanding.

Islamic Stories and History

We teach Islamic stories to children that are about Islamic history. Children learn about the lives of Prophets and students can learn valuable lessons and morals from those stories. Islamic studies for children at
E Quranic Academy are very reliable and effective for children.

Basic Islamic Beliefs (Aqidah)

 This Islamic learning for kids includes the basic beliefs of Islam about one God, angels, the Day of Judgment, and the Prophets. We give simple concepts to children. Our teachers explain in simple terms so that children learn well. 

Islamic Practices and Worship

Muslim children must learn about their religious practices. We will teach the basics of Islamic practices to the children. Enroll your children in Islamic studies courses online at our academy. Our course includes the concept of ablution (Wudu) and how to perform it. Prayer (Salah), fasting during Ramadan, etc. we teach all these concepts about Islamic practices and worship according to their age.

Take Quality Education

Every Muslim child deserves quality Islamic education. So, we made it easy to access our classes. You don’t have to worry about any geographical location. We aim to reach all Muslim parents through our online platform. We are working to make our next generation knowledgeable. If you live in a non-Muslim environment, we will help the new generation face the challenges while upholding their faith.

We invite you to start an Islamic studies online course with us. You will be proud of this Quran learning journey. You will see that your child is developing love for Islam. You should trust us that we are doing our best. Furthermore, we ensure you that your children will grow a strong connection with Allah.

Our Islamic lessons for kids are best for children. After completing this course, children become confident and responsible Muslims. Our teachers also try their best to integrate Islam into all aspects of the lives of people. 


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You can enroll your child in online Islamic Studies courses by finding well known online Islamic education academies or schools and following their enrollment procedures.

What age group is suitable for Islamic Studies online for kids?
Online Islamic Studies programs offer for different age groups, from preschoolers to teenagers by providing age-specific curriculum.

These programs cover a wide range of topics including study of the Quran, history of the Islam, principles, prayer, and Islamic values according to the age and understanding of child.

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