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Welcome to E Quranic Academy, one of the best online platforms for taking online Quran classes. We are reliable for worldwide Muslims due to our high quality and affordable Quran classes. Our mission is to enrich the lives of worldwide Muslims. We offer classes to the students of all ages in a convenient way. 


one to one classes

With our academy, now everyone learns the Quran from their homes. We meet the needs of every student including children and adults. We teach in a way that every student gets an engaging learning experience with us. 

E Quranic Academy offers online Quran classes for kids and adults. We make Quran learning possible for everyone. We offer convenience and comfort in learning. Our classes are one-to-one and students learn better in this way. We not only benefit kids but also adults. 

Those who are busy and cannot go to any Quran center physically can join us. Our classes can easily fit into the lives of every person. People can take classes in privacy by staying at their homes.

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Take Classes with Qualified Instructors

If you are in search of the best Quran classes online, you are at the right place. We have a team of certified teachers who are experts in the Quran teachings but also experts at online teaching. They can teach the students of all ages and backgrounds.  

Through our online academy, you can easily hire qualified male or female teachers without considering their geographical locations. It is such an opportunity for you that you can hire an instructor according to your learning style and requirements.

Our Flexible Classes

Our Online classes for the Quran are very flexible in schedules. You can pick any schedule and time that suits you. The classes are available round the clock so we are here to serve you at any time. 

We are especially helpful to all those who have busy schedules and have different commitments. They can balance their work, duties, and commitments easily.  Our 24/7 availability makes it possible for the students from different time zones to join us.

Classes for Tajweed

E Quranic Academy offers online tajweed classes to help Muslims learn the perfect art of reciting the Quran. We will teach them the proper pronunciation under the supervision of the expert tutors. Start taking Tajweed classes from the comfort of your home. 

Tajweed is very important in reciting the Quran because it helps in reciting the verses accurately. So we provide this opportunity to educate Tajweed to Muslims across the world. Our teaching style makes Quran learning easy for everyone. So, start making your efforts to learn the right way of reciting the Quran. 

Hifz Quran Classes for Kids

Hifz is an act of devotion and we do it to acquire the love of Allah. Memorization is not an easy task but we can make it easy for you. We offer online Quran memorization classes to our students. The classes are usually for kids but adults can also take memorization classes with us. 

Hifz means memorization in Arabic. Hifz e Quran is a highly respected practice in the Muslim community.

We offer a memorization course and students can choose to memorize the entire Quran or do it partially. It means they can only memorize specific surahs. We teach with full dedication and effort to deliver the best. 

Children can take memorization Quranic classes without missing their schools. They can continue their formal education along with our classes. We will make everything easy and convenient for our students.

Classes For Tafseer

The Quran is in Arabic and non-Arabs cannot understand it. So, they need proper interpretation and explanation to understand the book of Allah. We also offer Quran tafseer classes online

Our classes are reliable and helpful and help students understand the meanings and context of the Quranic verses. We will help you understand the message that Allah so that you can apply them in all aspects of your lives. Not an ordinary person can teach tafseer.

We have scholar teachers for our Tafseer classes who have a strong command on the Islamic history and context. We will teach you the historical context of the revelation of the Quranic verses. You will understand Islamic events and what type of challenges our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) face. Enroll in the tafseer classes to learn more about our classes.

Online Quran Classes For Kids

Muslim kids can now learn the Quran with us with the comfort of their homes. The parents do not need to send their children outside to any madrassa and commute several kilometers. Kids can take Quran classes at home with our online tutor. We offer online Quran classes for beginners. Qaida and Tajweed courses are good for children. 

So, enroll your kids to our classes today and make your children learn the Quran the best. Our classes allow parental involvement. You can check your child’s progress and better understand what your child is learning with us. You will not face any safety issues that kids may face in physical classrooms.

Islamic classes for kids

We also offer Islamic classes for kids in which they learn about the basics of Islam including stories of Islam. They learn about Allah, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), Islamic culture, basic Arabic and more. 

The basic information is very important for children to learn. So, if you want your children to learn about their religion, enroll in our Islamic classes. The classes are very interactive and unique. So, enroll your kids today and start learning with us.

We offer Cost-Effective Classes

We offer the best online Quran classes because the classes are cost effective. Cost is no more a problem for students. Our classes are more affordable than traditional madrassa classes because you do not need to travel to anywhere.

We are changing the landscape of traditional Quran learning with our innovative methods. You can also enjoy more savings with family package that we offer. With more than 2 family members enrolling in our classes, we offer more discounts. So, enroll with us and enjoy cost-effective classes.


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Online Quran classes for kids and ladies usually work through a online learning platform or video conferencing. You or your child will connect with a qualified Quran teacher who conducts lessons via live video sessions. These sessions are responsive and the teacher uses different teaching services and materials to promote learning.

There is no specific age limit for kids to start online Quran lessons. Requirement of most online Quran centers is that child must be 4 to 5 years old. The suitable age to start Quran classes, so it is best to ask child age from your chosen online Quran Academy.

The duration of an online Quran class for kids and ladies can be different according to their respective online Quran center. Standard sessions usually range from 30 minutes to one hour. It is depending on the student age, level of capability and learning goals. suitable lesson durations can also be arranged with the online Quran teacher.

Yes, many online Quran teaching platforms offer flexibility in scheduling. You can usually choose a schedule that match with your child’s availability. It is advisable to discuss scheduling options with your chosen online Quran teacher or school to find a best fitted time.

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