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The Quran is the book of Allah and very important for all Muslims. We get guidance from it but it is important to learn it properly. Today we have modern ways of learning the Quran. 

You don’t have to rely on the traditional means of learning the Quran. Now you can join an online Quran academy like E Quranic Academy to take your Quran classes. We don’t teach traditionally but our students take classes over the internet. We teach with the help of audio and video calls.


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Technology is influencing the whole world. Quran learning is now very convenient for everyone. We not only teach the students locally but also beyond the geographic limits. Our online academy is for worldwide students. If you are in search of a reliable Quran academy online, choose e quranic academy .

Learn with our Expert Online Teachers

With their expertise, you will have an effective Quran learning experience with us. We have male and female tutors for everyone. No need to go out to learn the Quran when all lessons are available online. 

With our lessons, we will nurture a connection between you and the Book of Allah. We are the best online Quran academy because our teachers are the best. We believe in quality so always try to give the best to the students.

We facilitate worldwide Muslims by offering them easy Quran learning opportunities. The teachers are friendly and welcoming so that students get a favorable environment. 

Hiring a teacher from us is not a problem for anyone. No matter where you live in what part of the world.  You can hire a teacher from us if you have a PC, Smartphone, Tablets etc.

Our online Quran teaching academy makes your learning easy with effective lessons. Muslims around the world can join us by using smart devices. You will get a wealth of knowledge with us. No matter which course you want to study. If you are a beginner, you can choose Qaida for the Tajweed course

After beginning lesson, you can choose Translation, memorization, or Tafseer course. We have a range of courses for all age groups. A child of 4 years old can also join our academy for basic Quran learning.

Online Quran academy USA

We offer online classes of the Quran in every part of the world. Students in the United States can also join us at a time which is convenient for them. We will teach you conveniently and you will study at your pace. 

We offer interactive learning opportunities to the students. It means that there will be a live teacher and students can interact with him/her. They can also ask questions from them and give feedback. We offer live classes that support audio/ video conferences. This type of learning can enhance the learning of students.

Online Quran Academy UK

We also offer Quran teaching services to Muslims residing in the UK.  It is a religious obligation for all the Muslims to learn the Quran. We will help you in this regard by providing you the best Quran tutoring. Both teaching and learning the Quran are acts of worship. We believe that teaching the Quran is a means of spiritual growth. So we provide excellent services to our students.

Choose Our Flexible classes

Our Quran online teaching academy offers flexible classes. These classes help students with busy lifestyles. The classes are perfect for those who live in different time zones. No matter where you live and in which corner of the world, you can learn with us. Our academy allows classes at multiple times of the day. So, you can choose a schedule that suits you. 

We are always here for you according to your availability. Our classes are live and you can take your classes even while traveling. Our academy offers one-on-one classes. We do not offer group classes because we believe in personalized learning. Students will have flexible scheduling options and they can set a class schedule at any time of the day.

You can also choose weekend classes if you don’t get time. Custom learning plans can help you choose your own schedule or learning pace. You don’t have to worry about your work commitments or family responsibilities. Enroll with our online academy and enjoy flexible learning with us.

Why choose us?

 We want to spread the Quran’s knowledge to all parts of the world. There are many online platforms for teaching the Quran. If you need to learn the Quran efficiently, our academy is here for you. 

There are many reasons that you should choose us.  We have a strong worldwide reputation for providing high quality Quran education. Our online Quran academy fees are very low so that every student can easily study any Quran course. The Quran is very important in the life of a Muslim. We are reliable because we have qualified teachers. 

We are also affordable and you can learn any course without spending a lot of money. We offer you a cost-effective Quran learning opportunity. We are also the best online Quran academy for kids. Study with convenience and comfort as there is no need for commuting to attend classes.

Our flexible schedules for classes are another reason why you should choose us to learn any Quran course. We are accessible to everyone. So don’t worry if you don’t have any local maddrassa or Islamic center nearby.  

We offer individual learning plans. In this way students choose their own pace and complete their courses according to their convenience. It is a great advantage that we offer to our students.

We employ qualified teachers who are the experts at teaching. We use modern technology for teaching and our teaching techniques are very effective.  Due to all these reasons, we maintain a strong worldwide reputation. So, choose our online Quran academy for learning the Quran.


Exciting news for Muslim parents! E-Quranic Academy offers engaging Quranic education for kids & Adults.

  • 3 Days Free Trail Class
  • One to One Online Classes
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Affordable Fee Packages
Finding the Right Online Quran Classes


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To enroll in an online Quran academy, visit their website, register for an account, and follow the enrollment details that are provided on that website. You may need to choose a course or lesson plan that suits your requirements.

Yes, Online Quran Academies are available to students around the world. They usually have students from different countries and time zones, making it easy for international learners.

Yes, learning the Quran online through a well-known online Quran academy is safe. These academies usually employ safe and encrypted communication methods to protect students’ privacy.

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