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Twajeed Introduction

Our prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) recited the Quran with full tajweed. Muslims have to recite the Quran with that tajweed too. Tajweed requires proper training and you have to work to become a master in it.  It also needs full dedication and proper pronunciation. 


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Tajweed is the tradition of reciting the Quran for Muslims and it is a very important part of our religion. It is also the commonality of Muslims as they all have a specific way of reciting the Quran.  Tajweed holds a very important place in Islamic education. Many teachers who give Quran education have to help their students learn tajweed courses. 

No need to go to a local mosque or madrassas now. E Quranic Academy offers you the opportunity to learn the Quran with tajweed. We offer the best alternatives to traditional education. Our courses are the best and both adults and kids can benefit from us.

If you want to recite the Quran beautifully and accurately, you must learn tajweed. Not only children, we also welcome adult students.  Anyone can correct his recitation and pronunciation at any age. Moreover, new converts can also join this course to learn recitation of the Quran properly.

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Tajweed is Important

Tajweed helps in reciting the Quran in a beautiful way. All Muslims have the obligation to read the Quran regularly. Reading beautifully and accurately is very important.  

If you also want to learn to recite beautifully, you need the best online tajweed course. Our academy is the best platform for you. We will teach you the basic rules so that you get the proper Arabic accent.

Reading the Quran gives reward and even reading a single word of Quran gives the ten rewards. When we read beautifully and more accurately, we get more rewards. For this, you need to learn the recitation rules. 

We will make you fluent in a short time. The Quran consists of the exact words of Allah and when we recite it we should recite it with respect. 

Tajweed also helps to keep the exact meaning of the words in Quran and it also prevents mispronunciations. Wrong pronunciation may change the meanings of the words which is a sin. 

We teach in a way that the students understand the meaning of the words. In this way you will create a special bond with Allah. So, tajweed is very important. 

Tajweed Classes For Kids And Adults

 Our online tajweed classes are popular among Muslims around the world. Online learning is very common and people benefit from it greatly. Our classes are for both adults and children. 

We teach on a one-to-one basis and this is the best way of teaching. Our course includes rules of recitation, pronouncing each word, the articulation points of Arabic letters and joining the words.

At the end of the course, students can read with an Arabic accent. We put a lot of effort into helping students get fluent in beautiful recitation. All of our teachers are experts so we are a reliable platform for both kids and adults.

Learn with Expert Teachers

We have the expert teachers so make the Quran tajweed online classes interesting for students. The teachers teach in a one-to-one way and teach one student at a time. Therefore, we  focus on each student. If you are in search of quality education, choose us. You will get a chance to learn with the expert teachers.

We provide an easy way to hire expert teachers. You can take interviews and also take free trial classes. If you find quality education from our platform, join regular classes.  We have diverse students from around the world. They take an online tajweed course with us. Our teachers are bilingual and can teach worldwide students. 

Why Choose E Quranic Academy for Tajweed Learning?

We are one of the top online Quran academies providing excellent quality online tajweed courses. We are available to students around the world. Students from any part of the world can enroll in our classes at a time that suits them.

We are experts in Tajweed and know all details of recitation rules. We are also very much affordable and our courses suit every budget. Our online classes are very effective. We also offer free trial classes for 3 days. Join our free trial lessons to understand our teaching and course quality. So, you should choose us for reliable Tajweed learning. 


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Online Quran classes with Tajweed programs made to teach the proper pronunciation and recitation of the Quranic text. These are important for reading the Quran correctly and with respect.

These classes serve to learners of all ages by offering curriculum according to age and instruction.

Online Tajweed courses cover different aspects including the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters, rules of Quranic recitation, and practical exercises.

Most online academies offer flexible scheduling options that allow you to select class timings that match with your free timings.

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