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online quran classes for adults

We offer very high quality online Quran classes for adults. You will learn your course with professional tutors. The classes are for the adults students. We offer separate classes for adult students. The classes are for male students and females too.

online quran for adults

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The best about the online classes is that we teach step-by-step. These classes are available round the clock so if you cannot take out time from your daily. You may be busy in your job or family responsibilities. In this situation, you may not get a chance to learn the Quran. Our Quran classes for adults are for this purpose. You can pick the time when it goes well with you. No matter if you are free at night, book classes at that time. 

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The classes will offer you everything that you need. You can access them from anywhere. You can take them from your home or any place. There is no time restriction due to our round the clock availability. Take your online Quran class on your phone, laptop, or computer.
You can schedule your classes according to your choice.
Even you can cancel classes if there is any problem attending. This is the best facility because when you are busy, you can cancel them. Another great thing about our classes is that you can choose your pace. We do not give pressure on our students in completing the lessons. Whenever you feel the lessons are difficult, you can learn slowly. When you want to move fast, you can progress to the new lesson.

We help to learn Quran online for adults but also to motivate Muslims. Learning the Quran is very important for every Muslim. It is our religious responsibility. So, we all must do it on priority. If for any reason we could not do it, we should consider it whenever get that opportunity. Our classes are for different courses such as Qaida, Tajweed, memorization, , recitation, and tafsir.  We have individual plans for students according to their requirements.

Our Classes Cater Both Male and Female

Join us to learn to read Quran for adults. Our lessons are for both male and female adults. All the lessons are flexible and you can arrange your schedules as per your needs. Students don’t have to worry about the accessibility because they are available round the clock. If no Quran center suits your schedule, we will suit you. The courses are same for kids and adults but we teach according to their learning needs.

We want that our adult learners should also fulfill their religious responsibility. Most common courses that our students demand are recitation and memorization. You can choose your pace because we do not pressurize our students. Either you finish your course in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. When you will complete your course, we take final assessment.

Then we will issue you the certificate of completion.  We do not fix the schedules. Students choose their schedules according to their speeds. The students can choose the time slots, of their class. There is nothing better than customizing their study schedule. We not only offer adjustable schedules but also adjustable pace. These facilities make us best suitable for you.

The teaching methods that we use are modern. The students interact with students. We offer activity based lesson and exercises. The teachers are qualified and highly knowledgeable in courses they teach. They understand the needs of adult students and teach according to their caliber. We try to make the learning process effective. The students can ask as many questions from the teachers as they want. We try to give maximum understanding of the lessons. Moreover, we teach in a supportive environment so that students learn better.

Learning Outcomes

The students experience the following learning outcomes:

  • Read the Quran smoothly without making any mistakes
  • Recite the Quran beautifully and melodiously
  • Recitation with all Tajweed rules
  • Memorize the Quran completely or partially
  • Lear Arabic
  • Learn Tafseer e Quran

When you are a beginner, you will learn to read the Quran properly. Your recitation will be free of any mistakes. You don’t have to worry about the beginning lessons. We will start with the basic alphabet. First we will start with the word then move on the short sentences. If you can read the Quran but don’t know Tajweed, then you will learn all the rules.

Your recitation will become beautiful and melodious. Everyone likes melodious recitation. You will learn Arabic accent and all articulation points. So you will inspire the listeners with your voice. Join us today and start your lessons of the Quran. We will help you at all stages of your learning. Take trial classes from us first then join regular classes. We assure you that you will get the best from us.


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 No, it is never late to learn the Holy Book of Allah. Learning the Quran is a religious responsibility of Momineen. So, whenever you get the chance, learn it.

Just like children adults can start learning the Quran from the basics. The basic course is Noorani Qaida and then move to the advanced level.

E Quranic academy is the most reliable platform for all the Muslin. We teach to thousands of worldwide Muslims. Our teachers are the experts and you will learn the best.

We do not have any time frame for completing the course. We teach according to the pace of students but it takes 3 to 4 months to complete this course.

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