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We are Muslims and learning the Quran is necessary for us. For reading or understanding the Quran, it is important to learn Arabic. We have translations of the Quran but it is only useful if you want to understand the meanings. Arabic is very important to learn for reciting.


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We offer Arabic classes online to help students read and understand the Quran. Arabic is the original language of the Quran. Our classes are very reliable because we have expert teachers.

Even we offer our prayers (Salat) in Arabic. No matter what language we speak, we have to memorize prayers in Arabic. So, if you take online arabic classes with us, you will understand the meaning of these prayers. This is the best way to make your connection to Allah. You will understand the meanings of the Surahs too. 

Learning Arabic language is also important for understanding other Islamic texts such Hadith and Islamic Fiqh. Hadiths are in Arabic in their original form. They are the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to understand them, learning Arabic is important.  Arabic helps in learning the religion. Knowledge is very important and every Muslim should have the basic knowledge of Arabic.  We will also give you some idea of Arabic culture, history, and traditions. In this way you will feel more interest in your lessons. You will understand that culture influences the language. 

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What Do We Teach in our Course?

Arabic courses are of different types but we teach online Arabic courses for the purpose of Quran learning. Our courses are not for academic or business purposes. We target the individuals who want to learn Arabic for the purpose of the Quran. Our course is not professional. We will give you the basic Arabic language skills that do not cover business vocabulary.

We offer online Arabic classes for beginners. The beginner course is for those who have little or no knowledge of this language. Our teachers are the experts and they can teach you very well. You don’t worry about the quality of education.  We offer the best quality courses at an affordable price.  You will learn the following from us in this course:

1: Arabic Alphabet: 

We start by teaching the Arabic alphabet in which there are 28 letters. Students learn all the letters with their unique pronunciation in our best online Arabic Classes.

2: Basic Vocabulary:

After the alphabet, we teach the basic vocabulary to the students. These include the common Arabic words and phrases that we commonly use in our conversation. We will teach you how to greet each other, introduce yourself, simple expressions and more. Our quran teachers work hard to build the basic Arabic vocabulary of all the students. They will learn simple words first and how to read the basic sentences. But our main purpose is to teach you the Quranic Arabic instead of regular Arabic.

3: Grammar:

After that, we will move towards grammar.  We will teach you the Arabic grammar rules. Our Arabic online classes are very effective in learning grammar. You will learn about word order, noun, verb conjugation, adjective, sentence structure, and more.

4: Pronunciation: 

When you learn grammar, it is time to learn the correct Arabic pronunciation. We will teach you the unique sounds of all the Arabic letters and words. You will love to learn Arabic online with us.  You will learn pronouncing individual letters, initial, medial, and final forms of letters and the basic diacritical marks. These are the short vowels that affect pronunciation.

5: Practice

We also help you get beginner Arabic reading through proper practice. Learning a new language is not simple and it needs some practice. You will practice every lesson many times before we move to the next lesson. We will give you multiple exercises and activities that will include reading comprehension, fill-in-the-blanks, etc. Through such exercises you can improve your reading skills. You will start with the simple lessons and then move to the complex ones. 

Choose Online Arabic Classes for Kids with Us

We offer age appropriate lessons for children. Our classes are one to one which helps every student study at his pace. Every child learns in a different manner and with a different speed. We prepare Arabic lessons according to the age of the children. Learning a different language is not an easy task. We teach in a manner that every child learns the best. Our course is very high quality and our teachers use effective teaching methods. All the teachers are highly qualified and they are experts at Arabic language.

The best thing about our Arabic language classes is that they are interactive and engaging. We teach with the help of activities so that children do not lose their interests. Parents can also give their feedback on their child’s progress. We are reliable because our cost suits every budget. So, enroll your child in our E Quranic Academy for Arabic classes today.


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Online Arabic classes offer flexibility, availabilities and personalized learning by allowing students to take the classes according to their schedules and preferences.

Yes, some online programs allow students to choose their preferred specialized dialect of Arabic which depend on their goals and interests.

Many online programs offer conversational practice sessions with local Arabic speakers to increase speaking and listening skills.

Some online platforms provide specialized courses in Arabic for religious or cultural studies which serves the specific interests in those areas.

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