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Tafseer impotance

Quran is in Arabic and non-Arabs cannot understand it. Tafseer is not only the translation. It is a complete interpretation through which we understand meanings and context. The Quran is very important for all Muslims through which they can seek guidance. 


E-Quranic academy tafseer course

The Quran tells us the principles of Islam and it is important for us to understand those principles.  Without the Quran we cannot lead our lives according to Islam. Understanding the Quran is possible if we learn Tafseer.  e quranic academy  offers Quran tafseer classes online that students can start after the Translation course.  We offer this course in English and Urdu. We have expert teachers to help you understand the Quran in detail. It is not just a translation course, but you will understand the verses of the Quran in detail. 

Quran Tafseer Course

We are offering you a very high quality Tafseer Quran course that you don’t need to learn face to face. Our course is completely online and you can choose the time of taking the classes according to your choice. So, learning Tafseer is not a problem for anyone now. 

We will teach you the detailed meaning of verses and the contextual meaning of the Arabic words. Through this course, you become familiar with the Islamic laws and principles. When the course is completed, you will acquire scholarly skills in the Quranic knowledge.

If you learn Quran tafseer online with us, we will teach you the complicated concepts in the Quran. Our teachers will explain all the verses so that you can understand them easily. You will also understand what Allah says in the Quran and what we should do.  We will teach you the historical background of the time of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

Learn Tafseer with Qualified teachers

The teachers at E Quranic Academy are qualified and have many years of experience in teaching the Quran. We have expert Tafseer teachers who have good skills of teaching online. If you choose our teachers for tafseer courses online, we are sure that you will be happy. We have a team of highly qualified male quran tutor and female tutors.

They are available round the clock so that you can hire them whenever you are available. They will teach you through one-to-one live sessions. Both male and female students can now learn with us. We offer separate classes for them. Not everyone can teach Tafseer. It is an advanced course that only scholar-teachers can teach. Our teachers teach Tafseer very well.

They teach the meaning of verses word by word and also the basic Arabic Grammar, rules, and their application. I will learn Islamic ethics, and hadis for contextual meanings. We are reliable because our teachers have a deep understanding of the Quran. They know Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) too. 

So studying with them is the great chance to learn Quran Tafsir online. They have great teaching skills and you will develop strong interest in this subject. This is the reason students from all over the world choose us for studying Tafseer.

Our High Quality Tafseer Quality

We live in the digital era and use technology in every phase of our lives. We can now learn anything with the help of the internet and technology. With the help of the internet, now you can book online Tafseer classes with us. 

Now you don’t have to move out of your home. We will offer you Tafsir Quran classes online at your home. Our classes are the best because we have the genuine intention of educating Muslims across the world. We want that all Muslims should implement Quranic teachings in their lives.

The best thing about our classes is that they are accessible round the clock. You need not wait for the time of start of classes. Instead, you can choose the classes at any time that is convenient for you. We are available round the clock to make Quran learning convenient for everyone.

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If you find us reliable, then book Tafseer classes with us. Our classes are famous for their quality. We are also an affordable institute and charge very reasonable fees from our students. We aim to spread the knowledge of the Quran. Our teachers will give you the best learning experience.  Before enrolling in regular Tafseer classes, try our trial classes. These classes are free of cost for 2 days. When you find them effective, you can choose regular classes. We are an authentic institute and try to meet the requirements of our students.


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Yes, many scholars have contributed to Quranic Tafseer that resulted in different interpretations and perspectives. Students can explore this different point of views.

Learning Quran with Tafseer increases your understanding of Islamic teachings that help you to apply the wisdom of Quran to your daily life and make a stronger connection with your faith.

Quranic Tafseer courses usually give access to Tafseer books, recorded lectures and supplementary materials to increase your learning journey.

Many online Quranic Tafseer programs facilitate discussion forums or communities where students can share their thoughts and questions by increasing a interactive learning environment.

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