Easiest Way To Learn Quran For Beginners

Learning the Quran is the primary and most important duty of a Muslim. This is also highly rewarding and spiritually fulfilling task. Learning the Quran is religiously important for every person. There are many lessons for learning the Quran. There are lessons for beginners and also for the advanced learners. But in this article we will discuss the learning for the beginners. Due to the modern technology there are easy ways of learning the Quran.

People can learn the Quran themselves. Self learning is the common type of learning. If you want to learn the teachings of the Quran, you should either consult someone or do self learning. The first step that you can take is to start Noorani Qaida. This course will give you the concept of reading with Arabic punctuation. This is essential step for the beginners. The course will help you read the Quran just like experts. At first, you will feel you are not the expert. But with the passage of time, you will become proficient. You must focus on the Arabic pronunciation because it is important for reading.

You should also know the meanings of the verses. For this, translation of the Quran is very important. The translation course is also for the beginners to understand the teachings of the Holy Quran. We all must know what Allah says to us and what his commands are. You can learn the Quran through different ways. There are many modern educational tools. We will discuss 7 of the easiest ways for beginners to learn the Quran:

Online Quran Learning:

This type of learning is very convenient and very popular too. There are different online platforms that offer different Quran courses for students. Students can join these courses to learn with a live quran teacher. This type of learning is very useful because the experienced tutors are easily accessible. You can attend your online classes from anywhere in the world. The best thing about it is that the students get individual learning. They can pick any time that is convenient and suitable to them.  There are many perks of online learning through online classes.

Quran learning Apps:

These days there are many apps for students to learn the Quran. You can download the apps free of cost and have user-friendly interface. Students of all ages can easily use these mobile applications and take their Quranic lessons. The lessons are according to the learning stage of the students. They can move in a step by step method. All courses are available through apps from Qaida to recitations, and even translations. Being the beginner, you can download the app depending on your aptitude. There are step-by-step guides that will help you throughout your learning process.

YouTube Tutorials:

There is another Quran learning online method which is YouTube tutorials. These tutorials are available on YouTube through channels. You can follow any channel to take lessons. There are some of the top Qari of the world who have channels on YouTube. You can take lessons from the channels of some of the best Qari or scholars.  Even if you are the beginner, you can take proper lessons on youtube. You can learn the proper pronunciation and become proficient reciter. Advanced lessons are available. You can search different channels to find the best lessons.

Quran Center/ Islamic Centers:

It is the traditional way to join a Quran center or an Islamic center for learning the Quran. There are many local Quran centers or Islamic enters that offer beginner classes. When local centers are not available, online centers are the options. Local Quran centers offer traditional approach for learning. Choose the most reputable center for learning the Quran from experienced teachers. If you get any reference or recommendations, it is better for making the right decision.

Learning from Qari:

Traditionally people hire a teacher to teach the Quran at home. This is when you do not want to go to a Quran center. Many Qari are available to teach you or your kids at home. There are many renowned Quranic teachers for home learning. You can hire them and learn your lessons at home. Most of the teachers are teaching Quran reading lessons. You can study tajweed or recitation. Memorization courses are also available but mostly they are available at madrassas.

Start Quran learning in Easy steps

The beginners have to start with the basic Quran Arabic grammar. This is an important lesson. You master it when you are able to recognize the Arabic alphabet, learn phonetics and rules of pronunciation. You must know verb conjugation, noun, and sentence structure. This knowledge will help you learn the language. This course helps you in learning the language. If you do not want to learn the language, no need to study this course. You can just take reading lessons because it is the first step of Quran learning. The beginners always start with alphabets and letters. Whatever the language is, the learning starts with alphabets.

Listen to Quran Recitation and Practice

You should listen to the recitation and understand the pronunciation of the words. It is important to listen to recitations of an expert Qaris (reciter). Then practice the pronunciation to develop Tajweed (proper recitation) skills. In this way you can improve your Arabic reading skills. Practice is very important for mastering any knowledge. If you want self learning, you can listen to the recitation of the recitation again and again. In this way you can replicate the recitation much efficiently. You can follow the recitation of any famous reciter.


These are some of the easy ways the beginners can learn the Quran. Whatever the method you choose, it is important to be sincere with this task. We are Muslims and we have to be sincere in this duty. Being parents, we are also answerable before Allah for Quran learning of our children. Go to mosque, madrassas, hire a Qari or book online classes. But start your Quran learning at the right age.

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